Winemaking, Wine Testing, Customer Service

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Winemaking Training

Winery setup, winemaking skills, testing.

  • Licensing and bonding your winery 
  • Winery and tasting room setup
  • Learn quality winemaking skills.
  • Utilize my lab services or learn how to do testing yourself with your own equipment.

Tasting Room and Customer Service

  • Bring in and keep customers by giving them an experience they will want to repeat. Customer service and great wine are essential. 
  • Start a wine club.

What else...

  • State and Federal - Learn how to fill out annual reports and comply with the alcohol rules and regulations as well as other govenment entities such as FDA, Department of Agriculture and OSHA
  • Learn the differences between wine yeasts
  • Learn about blending for balance and specific characteristics.
  • Get advice on equipment that will work best for your winery. 
  • Receive a list of suppliers


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